About Beatrix Chung

Beatrix Chung is a licensed real estate agent and is the Managing Director of Creative Property agents. She has over 30 years experience in the real estate industry and has gained a strong reputation known for her commitment to excellence. Being exceptionally hardworking and positive, Beatrix has an energy and enthusiasm that is well known to people she works and deals with.

Being a local for over 30 years, she is passionate about the area she lives and works in. She has an in depth knowledge of the local market and the people who live there. Over the course of her career, she has built up a strong and loyal customer base, mainly attributed to her unparalleled customer service with her approach in giving honest and reliable advice only an experienced agent can possess. Also being fluent in English and Cantonese she has a wide client base both here locally and overseas.

Her area of expertise comprises vastly from residential sales and leasing, commercial sales and leasing, Project development and building effective marketing programs tailored for her clients needs.

Those who have worked with Beatrix note that she is highly passionate about the industry she works in and her commitment to excellent customer care. Apart from her unparalleled work ethic, she is also known for her genuine enthusiasm in nurturing the team, in particular the young generation in guiding them to be the future leaders of tomorrow.

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